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Swissflies flyboxes

Flyboxes; there's no need to have a flyfishing vest filled with ten big flyboxes- we prefer to have one box per river and season , filled just with want you need there or then.
You will not catch fish while searching for a fly in the depth of a big flybox.

Georges Joset, one of the most successful Swiss flyfishermen had just one tiny box- with no more than eight types of flies...


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Swissflies Neck flybox

The finest small box you can find- waterproof, holds up to 100 flies, allows a direct view on the flies and can be opened from both sides.

I have one of those for each type of river/ and season I fish. I put the box around my neck, some leader material in my pocket, rod and reel- and that's enough to have a good fishing day.

SFr. 18.50/pcs

Fly collections in the Swissflies Neck Box:

Swissflies Fine flies


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