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Charles Ritz, the Swiss master fly fisher


Charles Ritz

Charles Ritz, the Swiss master fly fisher



Charles Ritz elevated the philosophy of proper fly casting, the choice of the right fly and rod, and fly fishing as a whole to the status of a science.

Many people know Caesar Ritz, the king of hoteliers, but hardly anyone knows their son Charles. And only very few fly fishers know that know that Charles has his roots in the Valais, in the beautiful mountain village of Niederwald. Niederwald.

Actually, Charles Ritz was not a fly tyer. He mainly used French flies and some of the Sawyer- Namphen patterns were adapted under his influence.

His patterns still catch superbly today.

We present just a few here.

Ritz Nymphs

top row: Ritz A, Ritz B, Ritz E

below: Ritz C, Ritz D


How to tie them shows you the Swiss fly tier Stefan Wenger:

Ritz A

Ritz C

Ritz D

Ritz E

Ritz nymphs

The Ritz nymphs cover the most important nymph types in open water as a series.

The Ritz nymphs with their subtle copper wrapping are much more like what the fish sees naturally.

In contrast, in our overfished waters, the goldhead nymphs common today tend to act as a deterrent as the season progresses.

The Ritz nymphs are particularly suitable for fishing on sight "nymphe à vue". However, they not only catch excellently on the fly rod, but are also a sure guarantee of success with floats.

Size 14 patterns catch in spring and summer, size 16 are optimal for tricky fish and in autumn for grayling

Barbless remakes of the successful nymphs- tied with original material: sold as single nymphs or as a series


P.S. The best value is the double series. 2 nymphs of each, in size 14 and 16, in a nice nymph box.


Typ/ Grösse/ hameçon/ size

Serie/ Grösse/ hameçon/ size



Bindeanleitung/ Montage Panama


One of the most beautiful flies of all - and very successful. But also very elaborate to tie (double wing, rafia body). Charles Ritz: the Panama has always provided a surprise...

Tied on high quality curved barbless hook size 12

SFr. 3.50/pcs




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