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Fly fishing in Switzerland: Aare river (Berne)

Aare- flyfishing the beautiful river near Switzerlands capital city (Bern)

The Aare has it's sources as a wild mountain creek in the Grimsel region (Bernese Oberland). Through the Lakes of Brienz and Thune, the Aare reaches Berne as a medium sized river, measuring 30-50m from bank to bank.

The Aare is famous for the beautiful and abundant grayling, which can be caught from september where they rise for sedge or the olive dun until the end of the year, when they take tiny midges. Best days are usually in november on cloudy or foggy days, but some specialists take the biggest fish on the cold winter days. In good years, the annual catch reached 6000 fish or more.

Apart of the grayling, there are big trout in the river (brown trout and a few rainbow trout), but there was a decline in the number of trout compared with former years. Nevertheless, there is always a chance to hook one of these beautiful fish on dry fly or the nymph. Please note that trout are protected by law from 1st of october until 15th of march.

We recommend a professional guide who will show you how and where to fish in the best parts of the Aare river around Berne. Fishing is very good during the low water season (march and april for trout, end of september to december for grayling).

In the summertime, when the river is usually to high to allow flyfishing, we recommend therefore other rivers in the region, the chalk streams of the Swiss Jura or one of our nice alpine rivers or lakes in the Bernese Oberland.

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The Aare on a beautiful autumn day The Aare risles- a clue to sucess
fliegenfischen aare
Fighting a grayling or a trout?

A nice grayling from the Aare river

CDC Quill  Sedge Parachute Quill CDC  Blue winged Olive

Best flies for the Aare river
Swiss CDC Sedges

Best flies for the Aare river
Swiss Parachute BWO

Classic Swiss CDC fly Swiss black spider midge

Best flies for the Aare river
Swiss CDC

Best flies for the Aare river
Swiss midges

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