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Swissflies recommends to go to the water with as little ballast as possible- but a few things you need to take with you.

A measure and a priest, forceps, scissors, a knife, perhaps also a net. Find here a few things which meet high Swiss quality standards

Mass/ mesure/ measure


Dieser Fischtöter mit schönem Holzgriff und schwerem Messingkopf betäubt jeden Fisch, selbst Lachse, mit einem gezielten Schlag sicher. Auch erhältlich mit schönem Lederband.


Swissflies Universal Tool

Swissflies Universal Tool

This tool serves as a hook remover (hemostat), cuts the leader and has a mandrel to clear the needle eye. Highest quality surgery tool, toothed cutting surface.

SFr. 21.90/pcs


Swissflies Fliegenbindeschere

Swissflies fly tying scissors

Surgery quality scissors 9cm, precision-cut surface, intersects even individual hackles for sure.

SFr. 18.40/pcs


Mass/ mesure/ measure


High quality measure made in Switzerland by the fishing society Saane- Sense/ Sarine- Singine FVSS.

Helps to measure even big fish without any risk harming them.

Total length 42cm, measures fish from 15 to 38cm, can be attached with a ring to your vest or belt

All benefits go entirely to the fishing society.

SFr. 32.00/pcs


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