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CDC - cul de canard CDC feathers dyed

Dyed Cul De Canard (CDC) allows you to make beautiful flies with wings or hackle in the color of choice. We offer CDC feathers in unbelievable high quality and in 39 colors, selected by SWISSCDC. Naturally dyed cdc feathers, neon colored cul-de-canard feathers.

Since part of the natural fat content, which also makes CDC highly buoyant gets lost during any dyeing process, Swissflies sells only the highest quality Swiss cul-de-canard feathers, which are greased after dyeing.

See the beautiful colors on the SWISSCDC color chart. Most of the colors are available in our shop.

Other colors- see table of colors SWISSCDC

Swiss dyed CDC

Finest dyed CDC-SWISSCDC. Order below.

We can send you also any other color you are looking for. See table of colors SWISSCDC. Send orders to

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Other colors- see table of colors SWISSCDC

SWISSCDC feathers Neon Line

These highly attractive colors open up a whole new range of possibilities in fly tying.

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