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Swiss handmade cork bodies

Swissflies cork bodies are made in Switzerland piece by piece- a solid handcrafted conic piece of cork that makes your fly swim forever.

How to tie flies with cork bodies:

We recommend to soak the cork body first for a few minutes in luke warm water. After this, make a sharp cut in the body lenghtwise. Put the body on the hook and fix it with a spiral binding.

Swissflies cork bodySwissflies cork body

Swissflies cork body

Swissflies finest handmade cork bodies are available in 12mm (for mayflies sizes 12- 14 and small sedges) and in 18mm (big mayflies and sedges sizes 8-10). Available in natural color or olive or brown colored.

Grösse/ hameçon/ size

Neuenschwander Münchenstein Beige Kork Sedge

Jules Rindlisbacher swimming cork body sedge nymph

Neuenschwander, Münchenstein (1972) "Cork Sedge beige" Jules Rindlisbacher (1968) "swimming cork body sedge nymph"

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