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Fly grease

Fly greases are a dime a dozen

In over 50 years of experience, I've tried many things - from powders to sprays and various greases to the tangy "cul de canard" grease" - which in reality is mostly just duck fat and goes rancid.

In the end, I went back to what I used 50 years ago - simply because it works and doesn't harm me or the environment.

Dry flies are best greased before fishing. It is best to dry wet flies first, if they are slimy from fish, wash them out first.

Swissflies Fliegenfett

Swissflies fly grease
Efficient, non-toxic, durable - lets your fly (also CDC) swim high up without sticking

Swiss Grease is also perfect to use on CDC flies

Swissflies fly grease

The fly grease of the professionals, non-toxic, long-lasting.

Apply a small amount from the tube to the fingertip, rub it in, rub the fly with it - done.

The fly becomes water-repellent and floats up, even in rough currents.

More than 100 years of tradition and success - also greases CDC flies without sticking.


Swissflies guarantee: enthusiastic or money back. Opened tubes can also be exchanged


Refills: Send us your own grease dispenser or your little grease box - we will fill it with Swissflies fly grease at a favourable price.

Filled by us by hand in tubes with a dosing tip - allows precise greasing.

15 ml tube

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Mucilin is since a very long time the best-known and most popular traditional grease from England - for good reason.

It is not only a very good fly grease (used sparingly, it is also suitable for CDC!!) but also greases your fly lines to make them float higher.


Can contents 26g with applicator felt pad

This product can be used in many other water proofing applications too.

SFr. 8.50/pcs


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