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Fly tying feathers

We offer only a few feathers, prefering Swiss feathers or from the collections of our fly tiers

Dublin Marabou

Dublin marabou feathers

Exceptional feathers, choosen by hand. Necessary to make streamers like Marabou Muddler and Woolybugger

Farbe/ couleur/ color

Dublin Plumes Flanc de Canard

Dublin duck flanc feathers- exceptional Swiss Feathers, 3 sizes

Grösse/ grandeur/ size

Dublin Poitrine de Canne
Mouches sauteuses Bickel (ca. 1924)

Dublin Poitrine de Canne

Original historic material to make the famous "Mouches sauteuses" - simple patterns, to be used as dry or wet fly

Big pack, different feather sizes and shades

SFr. 8.20/pcs

Dublin EMU

Dublin EMU

Dublin Emu Feathers- the best for legs, antennae, gills of nymphs
read more: Emu feathers used in fly tying

Farbe/ couleur/ color

Dublin Turkey feathers

Dublin colored Turkey

Dublin Turkey Feathers- for nymphs, emergers, drys

Farbe/ couleur/ color


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