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Swissflies- Fly tying tips & tricks

Fly tying is an art- if you have the time for it, it's a nice thing to make the flies of your imagination.

The tips and tricks presented by Swissflies master tiers on this page will help you to make beautiful and effective flies.

In memory of Urs Dublin, St. Ursanne: Dublin Olive

Fly tying video: Alice Ioset ties the CDC fly "Moustique jaune" in the traditional way

Moustique jaune

CDC fly "Moustique du Jura , jaune". One of the first CDC flies and probably the most successful ever made.

Remake by the daughter-in-law of the inventor Alice Ioset - with the original tools and materials.

See on the page "Maximien Ioset" the history of the famous flytier and first maker of this fly and see there the other original Joset (Ioset) flies

Get on page "Mouches Ioset" the Moustique jaune, made by Alice Ioset (available in limited numbers) - fish as successful as we did in 1930

Fly tying video: Heinz Kneubühler ties the "Emmebäse"


Famous hackle fly of the Emmental (Kneubühler, Burgdorf)

The Emmebäse is handmade like 100 years ago- without vise, just holding hackle, thread and hook in the hands.

Use Swisshook or VMC 9388BZ in size 12.

Fly tying video: Albert Bise ties "La Mienne", olive- beige
The first ever made split wing no-hackle CDC fly

La Mienne (Original Bise), olive- beige

Swiss no-hackle split wing CDC- probably the first ever made (1964)

Albert Bise ties in Lausanne, Switzerland this fly in the traditional way, as he did 50 years ago.

He's using still the same Swiss Jura CDC, the same silk waxed with beeswax. This no hackle CDC, is still catching a lot of good fish.

If you ask for the name of the fly, Albert says "c'est "La Mienne" (my fly)".

René Föllmi Videos

Fly tying videos René Föllmi

Fly tying videos of René Föllmi

Find here more 190 inspirating tying videos of this famous Swiss fly tyer

Fly tying video: Moskito Torax- as tied by M. Greif (text in German)

Markus Greif, Thayngen SH

Fly tying videos by M. Greif - looking over the master's shoulder

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