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Swissflies flyboxes

Flyboxes; there's no need to have a flyfishing vest filled with ten big flyboxes- we prefer to have one box per river and season , filled just with want you need there or then.
You will not catch fish while searching for a fly in the depth of a big flybox.

Georges Joset, one of the most successful Swiss flyfishermen had just one tiny box- with no more than eight types of flies...


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Swissflies Neck flybox

The finest small box you can find- waterproof, holds up to 100 flies, allows a direct view on the flies and can be opened from both sides.

I have one of those for each type of river/ and season I fish. I put the box around my neck, some leader material in my pocket, rod and reel- and that's enough to have a good fishing day.

SFr. 18.50/pcs

Swissflies Double side Fly box

Swissflies Double Side flybox

Big transparent double side fly box, allows you to stock up to 336 Flies

You will have enough flies ready for many fishing days.

SFr. 24.50/pcs

Swissflies nymph box

Swissflies Nymph Box

Transparent nymph box

more than 200 nymphs, wet flies or emergers will be at your disoposition in this small box.

SFr. 12.91/pcs

Fly collections in the Swissflies Boxes:

Swissflies Fine flies


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