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Silk Fly lines- Phoenix

Using Silk Fly lines means fishing close to nature. Silk fly lines are far thinner compared to other fly lines with the same weight. They cut easily any wind. This allows you to cast farther and helps you to make more precise casts.

Rolf Frischknecht (Swissflies) and Mike Brookes (Phoenix Lines) in discussion about silk fly lines

Phoenix Silk Line

Phoenix silk fly line

Phoenix silk fly line

We offer the best silk fly fishing line 30 yard line Natural straw in AFTMA DT 3, 4 or 5, included one tin of Mucilin red.

If you never fished a silk line: Choose "TESTLINE AFTMA5" and we send you an AFTMA 5 Phoenix line for only SFr. 50.- for a test of one week- you send it back- and we reduce the price of your new Phoenix line by what you payed - or we pay your 50.- SFr. back to you.
Comment: we never got any line back, all customers kept the line!

Type- AFTMA- Farbe/ couleur/ color



The best grease for silk lines and CDC flies.

"A top quality solid paste water repellant, especially made for application to dry fly lines. Greatly aids flotation and preserves the finish, even with plastic coated lines. Apply with the soft felt pad or fingers, wiping away excess.

This product can be used in many other water proofing applications too."

SFr. 8.50/pcs

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