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Pêche mouche en Suisse: Pêche mouche alpine région Grimsel et Susten (Oberland bernois)

Near Meiringen, in the heart of the Swiss alps you'll find the most beautiful clear creeks and small rivers as well as nice alpine lakes near Meiringen. Due to a hard and long wintertime, fish grow up here slowly. But in the summertime, they rise eagerly all the day long to take the abundant beetle, grasshoppers and other land insects which land on the water surface. High casting skills are necesssary to fish the small pools in stronger currents. In the slower parts, fish are very shy and you have to approach the fish carefully. Nevertheless, we promise you will enjoy the flyfishing for these native and wild fish.

We recommend for the first time a professional Guiding by Swissflies guiding services. They will show you how and where to fish and have access to some of the most beautiful waters.

Regardez la description publiée dans "Der Fliegenfischer" (allemand)

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Ici le video comme une grosse truite prend la mouche.

Regardez d'abord bien au dessous des roches à droite....

Un vidéo des Guides pêche mouche en Suisse Swiss Bamboorods Guiding


Pêche mouche en Suisse, panorama alpin, eau clair comme cristal, vaches tout autour...

Un vidéo des Guides pêche mouche en Suisse Swiss Bamboorods Guiding



Contact us to know more and to fish with us for native trout or brook trout in the beautiful Bernese Oberland.

The region of Meiringen Miseren creek
Flyfishing in Switzerland- a nice pool
Kurt Zumbrunn fishing a quiet pool Nice wild trout and brook trout
Engstlen lake Gelmer Lake

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