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Fly body tying threads

We offer here some products from UNI Canada. With their nature- near or also attractor colors or your fly will not only be beautiful, but also attractive for fish.

UNI Yarn

Uni Yarn

Uni Yarn, the famous thread from Canada, beautiful natural colors. You get a beautiful rough body- makes any dubbing technique unnecessary.

SFr. 3.50/pcs

Farbe/ couleur/ color


UNI Stretch

Uni Stretch

UNI-Stretch will solve your problems.

This stretch material is easy to wrap, stays in place, and makes excellent underbodies as well. Available in different colors amongst them light olive, olive and blue -the blue of the most effective grayling nymph (Nymphe bleue du Jura- Dublin).

Farbe/ couleur/ color

Uni French

UNI French

Uni French wire

The thicker wires LA and Md are indispensable for wet flies and nymphs. Fine wire (SM/XS) helps you to create wonderful ribbings also in dry flies

Bobin (5g) - enough for many flies. Available in gold or silver

SFr. 6.50/pcs



UNI Mohair

UNI Mohair

Simply the easiest to use material for wet flies and nymphs

We can send you also many other colors you are looking for. See table of colors UNI Products. Send orders to

SFr. 3.50/pcs




Have success catching trout at night on phosphorescent “flies” . With the introduction of UNI GloYarn, fly tiers now have a legitimate fly-tying material with which to work. Possible uses for UNI GloYarn include trailing shucks, tails, tags, bodies, and wings, either alone or in combination with other materials such as in a blended dubbing.

We can send you many colors you are looking for. See table of colors UNI Products. Send orders to

SFr. 4.50/pcs

UNI Glo-Press release


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