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Fly Tying threads

Fly tiers worldwide get offered thousands of different products. But in fact you need very little to make nice flies. We offer only what we need for the famous Swissflies too- silk, Rafia SwissR and some products from UNI Canada. With their nature- near colors your fly will not only be beautiful, but also attractive for fish.

You do not need to buy a lot to make just nice flies! Swissflies offers a limited choice in natural colors, that's enough- see our flies.

UNI thread black

UNI Thread Professional black

UNI Thread Professional black waxed

Professional black thread, waxed, 200 yds, 6/0

SFr. 4.80/pcs

Uni Caenis

UNI Caenis Midge Thread black

UNI Thread Caenis/ Midge Thread black waxed

Finest professional midge thread, black, waxed, 200 yds, 20/0

SFr. 6.50/pcs

UNI Thread 6/0 color

UNI Thread Professional color waxed

Professional thread, 200 yds, 6/0 in camel-brown, wine, yellow, olive dun and fire orange

Farbe/ couleur/ color

Danville color

Danville - Flymaster Set 6/0 color

Danville Flymaster color Set

Just all the colors you need to tie nice flies.

SFr. 24.00/pcs


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