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Tinsel and Fly tying wire


Tinsel and fly tying wire are indispensable for many patterns.

The softer tinsel is particularly suitable for dry flies, but is also used for ribbing many wet flies and nymphs.

Wire, predominantly gold and silver coloured, is mostly used for nymphs.

Soft Wire is the ideal product for metallic bodies, such as the Copper John.

Swissflies offers exceptional quality and rarities at moderate prices.

UNI French Microtinsel

UNI French Microtinsel

UNI French Microtinsel

Very fine tinsel (6/0). Hardly wears, therefore very good for fine fly and nymph patterns.

Very often also used for tying whitefish nymphs.

In various shiny metallic colours

Farbe/ couleur/ color

Farbe/ couleur/ color

UNI French Oval

UNI French Oval

UNI French Oval

The classic English tinsel. It has little weight, making it ideal for dry flies.

The thicker French oval is indispensable for tying various salmon fly patterns.

Gold is mainly used in the large (LG) and medium (MD) thicknesses for salmon flies. The fine French oval XS is perfect for dry fly rigs.

Silver-coloured French oval is used in medium (MD) strength for classic salmon flies such as the Silver Stoats Tail.

However, the fine (SM=small) and very fine extrasmall (XS) silver-coloured French oval is far more particularly popular for tying various midge patterns .

Farbe/ couleur/ color- Grösse/ diamètre/ size

Uni French

UNI French

Uni French wire

The thicker wires LA and Md are indispensable for wet flies and nymphs.

Fine wire (SM/XS) helps you to create wonderful ribbings also in dry flies

Bobin (5g) - enough for many flies.

Available in gold or silver

SFr. 6.50/pcs


Uni Soft wire

UNI Soft Wire- Copper John

Uni Soft wire

UNI Soft Wire (copper + chartreuse)- Chernysh Olive wire nymph

Uni Soft Wire

Special soft fly tying wire. Thanks to the extremely flexible alloy, the wire can be tied in tight coils, used as weighting under the body, but also directly as body material.

The best-known pattern, the Copper John, is so easy to tie - unlike normal wires, you can simply tie turn after turn - without the hassle of twisting back, even with thick Soft Wire!

Top material from Canada. Big professional Bobin (10g) - enough for many flies. Available in many metallic colors, sizes SM= Small 0,2mm, MD= Medium 0.3mm, LA=Large 0,4mm.

Farbe/ couleur/ color- Grösse/ diamètre/ size

Farbe/ couleur/ color- Grösse/ diamètre/ size


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