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Brass beads & Tungstenbeads

Bead Head nymphs are well known- and often a key to success. Beads help to make your nymph attractive- please choose them adapted to size of fly and water speed.
Being partner of the worlds most renown producer, Swissflies can offer best quality for low prices.

Gold beads light  

Swiss classic Beads ROC

Light beads in gold, silver and copper colour. Special glass material. Best for slow water speed.

50pc/ pack, in 2mm or 2.6mm

Farbe / couleur / color

Swissflies Brass beads   

Brass beads

Classic brass beads. Highest quality, conical borehole, treated glossy surface.

Best for medium water speed.

25pc/ pack

Grösse/ diametre/ size

Swissflies tungsten beads  

Tungsten Beads

Heavy beads in tungsten anodized with a lustrous metallic golden surface.

Best used in fast waters or to reach fast the depth were the big fish lie.

20pc/ pack

Grösse/ diametre/ size

Swissflies diamond cut tungsten beads  

Diamond cut tungsten beads slotted

Heavy slotted tungsten disco beads with multiple surfaces- throwing back the light in any direction. well slotted, they fit even in the narrowest hook.

20pc/ pack

Momentan ausverkauft/ Hors stock/ Sold out





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