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Herrigel nymph

The well-known Swiss fly fisherman Roland Herrigel is also an innovative fly tyer.

You can find out more about his life, history and activities on the page specifically dedicated to him Roland Herrigel - A life for fly fishing.

Despite or perhaps because of his experience, he favours certain flies in particular - especially his self-developed "Herrigel Nymph".

This nymph has brought him great success time and again, and not just in the Bünz, his long-standing leased water.

Herrigel Nymph

Swiss Herrigel Nymph

The favourite nymph of Roland Herrigel. Proven a thousand times over, originally developed for midland streams, but also catches excellently in the uplands.

Thanks to the brass bead, it sinks well but not too quickly. The different dubbings result in a liveliness that convinces the fish.

If I could only have one nymph - I would choose the Herrigel!

However, this nymph is not easy to tie.
Tying material: Gammarus Hook (SHG) 10 or 12, brass bead, tail silver or gold pheasant, body hare dubbing, ribbing monoflash, thorax front coarse dubbing medium/dark brown such as Alpine Fur or similar.

Original remake; tested and authorised by the inventor.

All profits will go towards the establishment of a Swiss fly fishing/fly tying museum section in the new Moossee fishing centre

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