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Mouches de Mai - Mayflies Mouches de Vallorbe

Mayflies 1925


Mouches de Mai (Mouches de Vallorbe 1925)

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Making of Swiss Mayfly - materials

Body original natural Swiss straw Rafia color beige (SwissR)
Body silk light grey Zwicky (2078), white- beige (639) or light brown (2129)

Tail: red pheasant

Ribbing: brown silk or DMC

Hackles: yellow, green, grey or brown

Wings: Swiss wild duck

Since these flies attract the big lake trout- use a strong hook size 8 or 10 to hold them safely.

Remake: Yellow Mayfly

Mayflies of Mouches de Vallorbe 1925- selected patterns

No. 1

Mouche de Mai No 1(Mouches de Vallorbe 1925)

No. 7

Mouche de Mai No 7(Mouches de Vallorbe 1925)



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