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Mouches Dublin

Urs Dublin was the Swiss master fly tier for finest CDC winged parachute dry flies. That are flies developed for the really difficult fish under difficult conditions- as you have it usually when hunting the famous "Zebra trout" of the Doubs.

His parachutes are legendary- well visible and high floating they can turn a "no chance" day in a day you will never forget.

His Mini-Nymphs are designed to catch the big trout and grayling eeven in the difficult autmn- and winter rivers with low water and well trained fish.

Please find here the remakes of these famous flies, tied according to the original pattern on high quality barbless hooks; wings SwissCDC natural or SwissCDCcolor.

Dublin Olive

Moustique du Jura, olive (REMAKE Dublin)

This olive body CDC winged parachute dry flies is best used in slow currents from May onto late October.

Tied on high quality curved barbless hooks size 14 or 16

SFr. 3.70/pcs

Mouche de Mai

Moustique du Jura, bleue (REMAKE Dublin)

"La Bleue" - The Blue - the most famous fly from Urs Dublin. it's only this fly which can make big trout rise in full sunlight- and make them take without any precaution. This fly faces more than twenty years of experience at the Doubs river- the river with the worlds most difficult fish- what takes the famous Zebra trout, will take trout everywhere.

Tied on High quality curved barbless hook size 16

SFr. 4.50/pcs

Dublin lila

Moustique du Jura, lila (REMAKE Dublin)

You need a surprise for your big trout? Or somenthing to persuade the rising grayling? The CDC winged parachute "LILA" will do it.

Tied on high quality curved barbless hook size 16

SFr. 3.80/pcs


CDC Sedge liège (REMAKE), beige

"Sedge liège beige aux ailes CDC" (Cork Sedge with CDC wings), original Swiss Jura pattern
Hook size 12

SFr. 5.00/pcs

Dublin Nymphe bleue

Nymphe bleue du Jura (REMAKE Dublin)

Small nymph- big fish. The blue nymph, swiss handmade by U. Dublin, is far the best nymph for big grayling.

Tied on high quality curved barbless hook size 16 or 18

SFr. 3.50/pcs

Dublin Nymphe rose

Nymphe rose du Jura (REMAKE Dublin)

this rose- yellow colored nymph is best fished on a long fine leader, very sucessful when stalking fish

Tied on high quality curved barbless hook size 18

SFr. 3.50/pcs

Mouche de Mai

Nymphe blanche du Jura (REMAKE Dublin)

the white Dublin nymph is a joker in all situations- for trout, grayling, chub, roach...

Tied on high quality curved barbless hook size 16

SFr. 3.50/pcs



Copyright Swissflies - Swiss historical flies. Any commercial remake is forbidden without the written permission of Swissflies.
But if you are a private fly tier: Try to remake these successful flies for your own. Only if talented fly tiers of today tie and fish the successful patterns of yesterday, this unique cultural heritage can be preserved from destruction and oblivion.
Swissflies sells the original Dublin CDC curved barbless hooks,Rafia, and UNI products as used by Urs Dublin-



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