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The CDC fly, nowadays known world wide, were first tied in Switzerland nearly 100 years ago. Cul de Canard as fly tying material was first used in the Swiss Jura mountains were the famous, slow flowing chalk streams Doubs, Sorne, Orbe and other home the most difficult fish.

Read more about Maximien Ioset (Joset) and see his original flies on these pages

Alice Ioset

Alice Ioset (Joset) 1927-
daughter in law of Maximien Ioset
fly tying video


The flies sold here are very near to the originals, made for you with the same hooks, feathers, threads like the old the real Ioset flies, by his daughter in law, Alice Ioset.

Original hooks/ CDC/ tying thread and body (silk of raffia)

These flies are made for fishing- fish successful with them as Maximien did in the old days. The price will rise according to the diminishing numbers left in stock.

These flies are still successful today. Please find remakes on the page Moustiques (CDC); and if you are a fly tier yourself, we offer the original CDC, guaranteed the same source Ioset used (Jura) and swiss straw colored in exactly the original colors.

Original CDC fly Moustique jaune

CDC fly "Moustique du Jura, jaune"

One of the first CDC flies and probably the most successful ever made. This fly caught several thousands of trout and grayling- and continues catching them.

Moustique du Jura, jaune

This CDC fly with the yellow silk body was one of the best selling flies of Ioset, invented nearly 100 years ago. Fishes best in late spring and early summer.

Original remake by the daughter in law, Alice Ioset (made with original hooks and tying materials like the famous Zwicky 598 silk).

SFr. 4.90/pcs

Fly tying video: Alice Ioset ties the "moustique jaune"


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