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Fly lines Northern Sport WF and DT

Fly lines have to swim high, to be well visible and glide with ease through your rod's rings. We decided to offer only the Canadian Northern Sport lines- they combine all these attributes with an affordable price. Have also a look at their profiles, making them your tool for good casts.

What decides on your cast is the line profile. Have therefore a look at the fine Northern Sport line profiles

Northern Sport Floating Fly Line- schwimmende Fliegenschnur- soie mouche flottante

Northern Sport Aquanova- a high performance fly line with a reasonable price

Northern Sport WF Aquanova Premium Fly Line
X High Floating

Northern Sport's Aquanova fly line offers anglers the highest level of features and performance expected of a premium line. The Aquanova series of high performance lines evolved from Northern Sport's years of experience and knowledge of the fly fishing sport. These fly fishing lines are manufactured using high quality material to cover every fishing situation—from the smallest pond, to the pounding surf. Designed for modern graphite rods, the Point 75 series is the highest floating state-of-the-art line available. The Teflon treated Flex-Cote coating has a slick, stiffer finish with a very low coefficient of friction for long, accurate casts. The coating is rated at a phenomenally low .75 Specific Gravity (water being 1.0 S.G.), giving these lines superb buoyancy, even in the roughest water

Type- AFTMA- Farbe/ couleur/ color

DT Premium Fly Line

DT Lines have a long tradition. These lines are perfect to put your fly like a feather and to make special casts (rolls, T casts...) easy.

Packed in a simple bag, we can offer you a price that is so low that everyone can afford to try the beautiful flyfishing with a DT line- that may be a good surprise for you, when you fished all your flyfisher's life nothing but WF lines

Type- AFTMA- Farbe/ couleur/ color

Northern Sport Premium DT Line Taper

The Northern Sport DT long belly profile allows you to make different trick and special casts.

Northern Sport DT Trout Profile

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