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Famous Swiss fly tiers: Maximien Ioset

Maximilien Ioset

Maximien Ioset
Courfaivre, Jura, Switzerland
Famous producer of the CDC flies

The CDC flies, nowadays known world wide, were first tied in Switzerland nearly 100 years ago. Cul de Canard as fly tying material was first used in the Swiss Jura mountains were the famous, slow flowing chalk streams Doubs, Sorne, Orbe and other home the most difficult fish.

The flies shown here are originals, the first ever made CDC by Ioset. Found in a box in Soubey, Switzerland, they were identified by the grandson of Maximilien Ioset as being the real Ioset flies.


A story about these flies is told, and I know that's true:

During World War II, times were hard even in Switzerland. Fishing was at that time not done just for fun, but to get food and money.

Louis Veya: "During the war I was fishing with the sons of Ioset in the Doubs and Sorne river. We caught one night on the Doubs 75 trout, no trout being less than a pound. We sold them door by door and got one Swiss franc per trout."

My fishing friend Freddy, when he was nearly 90 years old, still living in Soubey at the Doubs river, said: "You know, when fishing we earned much more than by working."
Well- that makes me dream- but today there's much less fish, and the last unique Zebra trout of the Doubs have to be protected.

There's only a few of these flies left, sold to collectors only in very limited numbers.


These are continue catching fish- and very often much more then our modern flies- because they were designed to catch fish- not fishermen

Here's a story about that: I was fishing in Soubey one lunchtime in June when I was approached by a Czech.

He made fun of my old flies and praised his modern xy patterns.

I offered him a two-shore competition.

One fly fisherman stands on each bank and one casts the same rising fish in turn.

He used his super modern pattern - I put the CDC Moustique Ioset jaune (original, 1935) on my leader.

I always let him have the first cast...

After I had caught the third fish - this time almost directly in front of his feet - he gave up exasperated.


Please find remakes on the page Moustiques (CDC); and if you are a fly tier yourself, we offer the original CDC, guaranteed the same source Ioset used (Jura), Zwicky silk threads and swiss straw colored in exactly the original colors.

Original CDC fly Moustique jaune

CDC fly "Moustique du Jura (Original Ioset), jaune"

One of the first CDC flies and probably the most successful ever made

Moustique du Jura (Original Ioset), jaune

This CDC fly with yellow silk body was one of the best selling flies of Ioset, invented nearly 100 years ago. In late spring and early summer, this fly caught presumably more than 20000 trout and grayling over the years. There's only a few original flies left.
Strictly limited sale, Original fly, 2 pieces per collector only.

The price will rise according to the numbers left in stock.

Fly tying video: Alice Ioset ties the "moustique jaune"

SFr. 4.90/pcs

Mouche de Mai

Moustique du Jura (Original Ioset), Mouche de mars

This CDC fly with brown rafia body was the fly of Ioset best used in early spring, respresenting the smaller marchbrowns.

Body made with brown raffia ribbed yellow, hackle CDC from the Swiss Jura mountains

Size 14; Strictly limited sale, Original fly, sold sealed, 1 piece per collector only.

SFr. 18.50/pcs

Mouche de Mai

Moustique du Jura (Original Ioset), grise

The grey Ioset CDC is not only the secret key to sucess on summerdays, but also the fly for grayling in autumn.

Body made with grey silk, ribbed white, hackle CDC from the Swiss Jura mountains

Size 14; Strictly limited sale, Original fly, 1 piece per collector only.

SFr. 18.50/pcs

Mouche de Mai

Mouche de Mai (Original Ioset)

The Mouche de Mai de Ioset is a fully winged pattern with fine brown Rafia body - best fished march to may
Size 14; Strictly limited sale, Original fly, 1 piece per collector only.

SFr. 14.90/pcs

Olive ailée

Olive ailée (Original Ioset)

The olive dun of Ioset, fully winged greenolive Rafia body - the rarest fly of Ioset
Size 14; strictly limited sale, 1 piece per collector only.

SFr. 18.00/pcs

Sedge du Jura, olive (Original Ioset)


This Sedge is the most successful fly ever made by Ioset. With long hackles and straight wings, this flies surfes over the surface- thereby driving mad the big trout. The most successful fly fishermen on Doubs river, those selling also their fish to the restaurants used this fly- and no other from Mai to September

There's only 2 original flies left. To very interested collectors only, is sent sealed, with certificate of origin, signed by the grandson of Ioset.

SFr. 12910.00/pcs


Swiss Flies is a non- profit company. All profits will be used for the benefit of our fly fishing. by financing projects and political work to save our beautiful rivers and creeks. We further invest in the purchase and preservation of historic Swiss flies. Only in this way, and if talented fly tiers of today tie and fish the successful patterns of yesterday, this unique cultural heritage can be preserved from destruction and oblivion.

If you could profit from the images and descriptions of the historic flies, and if you would like to support this idea, any donation is welcome and we will thank you for that.



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