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Famous Swiss fly tiers: Louis Veya

Louis Veya

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Louis Veya

Louis Veya , after being instructed by Georges Joset, began to tie CDC in the forties. He soon changed some patterns. The silk bodies were replaced mostly by rafia/ Swisstraw, colored in special colors. His idea, that rafia does not change the color when wet, proofed to be right- his flies, not only the CDC but also the Swiss straw rafia body sedges were tremenduosly successful- and still are today.

Veya flies were made for sale since 1942 by the members of the family. They were sold directly by Veya in his shop, but also to flyshops in Switzerland or via distributors like Jenzer Basle.

Old Louis Veya originals: Prices to be discussed

Original remakes- in very limited numbers only: For our customers, we offer the most successful Veya patterns made by Daniela Veya, the daughter- in law of Louis Veya, tied in the original way in the Jura mountains/ Switzerland with the original materials, but on barbless hooks.

We will present here for the interested fly tier all these beautiful and successful patterns- you may try to remake them. Find at Swissflies the high quality Swiss straw SwissR colored in the original colors, as well as the CDC "Swiss Jura CDC", from the original source which was used by Veya and the hook Canelle/ VMC 9388 the best barbless hook corresponding to the hooks used by Veya.


Moustique du Jura (Original Veya), lit de vin

CDC fly "Moustique du Jura, lit de vin", Louis Veya

Moustique du Jura (Original Veya), lie de vin

The moustique lie de vin of Veya is one of the first and most successful CDC ever tied. Use it in summer and autumn for difficult fish- you will be surprised.

Moustique du Jura (Original Veya), rouge

Moustique du Jura (Original Veya), rouge de sang

During high sun, he moustique rouge de sang of Veya makes rise the trout and grayling otherwise seeming to be "potted".


Moustique du Jura (Original Veya), lit de vin rayée

Moustique du Jura (Original Veya), brune rayée

The classic CDC- bestseller during all the years. Makes fish rise from the beginning of the season until the last days in late autumn.


Moustique du Jura (Original Veya), mastique

Moustique du Jura (Original Veya), mastic

Pale olive Swiss straw body. The best imitation for the BWO and other olive duns. Best used in early summer for trout- and in autumn for grayling.

Sedge Veya

Sedge Veya, double hackle (Original Veya)

Big sedge for fishing in the night. This sedge was the favourite of Veya- and produced up to eight kilos of trout in one single night on the Doubs river.The double hackle brown/ grizzly makes the fly swim high. Drag the greased fly on the surface.

Sedge Veya

Sedge Veya cul orange (Original Veya)

Olive sedge, where the tail part is made of orange Swiss straw. The best imitation for the female sedges, flying downon the water surface to put their eggs. That is the moment the trout are waiting for.

Ailée (Original Veya), beige

Ailée (Original Veya), beige

Flügelfliege mit Körper aus Rafia.

Originalgrösse ca. 14

Ailée (Original Veya), beige

Ailée (Original Veya), jaune

gelbe Flügelfliege mit extralangen Hecheln- schwimmt sehr hoch.

Originalgrösse ca. 14

Mouche de Mai ailée (Original Veya)

Mouche de Mai ailée (Original Veya)

Flügelfliege mit Körper aus Rafia.

Originalgrösse ca. 12


The Veya flies are tied today in exactly the same way and catch fish as good as half a century ago. Please find at Swissflies barbless original Veya flies, tied by par D. Veya (original method and material- available in very limited numbers only)


Copyright Swissflies - Swiss historical flies. Any commercial remake is forbidden without the written permission of Swissflies and the Veya family.



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