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Roland Herrigel- A life for fly fishing


Roland Herrigel

Roland Herrigel (1946)

A life for fly fishing


His career in fly fishing began in the early 1970s. He honed his casting technique in the sport of casting.

Herrigel gained his fishing experience all over the world. He also worked in the fishing tackle trade.

He made a name for himself early on with specialist articles, particularly on fly fishing.

This was followed by his first book "Welche Fliege wo und wann" (Which fly where and when), which made him one of the best-known fly fishermen in the German-speaking world.

Over the years, he also organised many fly fishing courses and trips.


Welche Fliege

Fly fishing and fly tying


Of course, fly fishing also included fly tying. Some flies and nymphs are still known under his name today.

Drawing on his experience, Herrigel created a wide variety of promising fly patterns that can be used universally and enjoy great popularity.


Swissflies had an insight into the "secret fly box" and picked out a few pearls.
A sample of these is the "Herrigel nymph".
As rising fish are becoming increasingly rare these days due to insect mortality, this pattern has become Roland Herrigel's favourite. It has already caught a lot of fish - and continues to catch excellently.


Fliegenfischergewässer Bünz

The "Bünz Fly Fishing Centre"


Probably the most outstanding act in favour of our waters and fly fishing was the "Bünz Project", which Herrigel launched in 1986.
A true cesspit of a Mittelland stream was turned into Switzerland's first public fly fishing water thanks to immense personal effort.
The "Bünz Fly Fishing Centre", as it was called, quickly gained an international reputation.

The idea of creating pure fly-fishing waters in Switzerland was gratefully taken up by fly-fishing clubs and private leaseholders and, fortunately, more and more such pure fly routes were created.

The source of the promotion of fly-fishing waters in Switzerland can be found here on the Bünz. We need more of them - so that sustainable fishing is still possible in the future.

Tatort Bach

Tatort Bach (pdf version Verlag Petri Heil)


Das grosse Revitalisierungsbuch
(print version Verlag Petri Heil)

"The waterbody improver"


As early as 1970, he was the leaseholder of a small body of water, which he "revitalised" - earning him a reputation as a pioneer in revitalisation.

He wrote down his experiences of revitalising the "Bünz" for the benefit of trout and grayling over more than 35 years in two specialist books.
"Tatort Bach" and "Das grosse Revitalisierungsbuch" (in German- reference Verlag Petri Heil) are well-founded, scientific guides for small to medium-sized waters.
His book "Tatort Bach" was groundbreaking, where the principles of fish-friendly revitalisation were clearly described for the first time and illustrated with pictures and graphics.

The rich illustrations make it easy for every revitaliser to do the right thing.
Not unimportant is also the necessary legislation that must be observed when revitalising.

Herrigel describes this for practically every watercourse work process.

Revitalised Bünz iver

Herrigel Nymph

Swiss Herrigel Nymph

The favourite nymph of Roland Herrigel. Proven a thousand times over, originally developed for midland streams, but also catches excellently in the uplands.

Thanks to the brass bead, it sinks well but not too quickly. The different dubbings result in a liveliness that convinces the fish.

If I could only have one nymph - I would choose the Herrigel!

However, this nymph is not easy to tie.
Tying material: Gammarus Hook (SHG) 10 or 12, brass bead, tail silver or gold pheasant, body hare dubbing, ribbing monoflash, thorax front coarse dubbing medium/dark brown such as Alpine Fur or similar.

Original remake; tested and authorised by the inventor.

All profits will go towards the establishment of a Swiss fly fishing/fly tying museum section in the new Moossee fishing centre

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