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Classic dry flies

Classic dry flies are what has worldwide proven to be effective over the years. There are many patterns- you'll find here the best flies in an exceptional quality. Proven to be effective not only in the Swiss waters.

Royal Coachman

Light Cahill

Catches whenever there are flies with light bodies on the water. On barbless Big Eye hooks- helps you to fix your fly quickly on the leader instead wasting time to fiddle the nylon through small hook eyes.

SFr. 2.60/pcs

Grösse/ hameçon/ size
Royal Coachman

Royal Coachman

Nothing but just the classic fly- tied in elevated quality, barbless

SFr. 2.40/pcs

Grösse/ hameçon/ size
Black Ant

Red Tag

This classic fly is catching fish in creeks as good as in rivers and mountain lakes. The small patterns are also very good for grayling.
Swiss high quality barbless pattern.

SFr. 2.30/pcs

Grösse/ hameçon/ size


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