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Swiss Jura CDC high quality cul-de-canard CDC feathers- Jura CDC

The miracle feather, also called CDC feathers, croupions de canard, cul-de-canard or ailes grasses/ barbes grasses (the first names given by Charles Bickel, inventor of the CDC fly in 1924).

You need first quality CDC to make these wonderful fine flies, which catch fish where other flies have no chance, especially in these chalk streams, where the big trout have enough food and have time to inspect in detail the flies they take.

Here you find the original feathers from the Jura mountains- the same feathers as those used by the inventors of the CDC fly- nearly one hundred years ago. Same source, same quality. That's the quality you need to remake the famous flies of Bickel, Ioset, Veya, Bresson or other artists in flytying- or to make your own sucessful patterns.

When giving this unique CDC feather in my hands, Mister Fontannaz, last proprietor of the famous fly tying atelier "Mouches de Vallorbe" told me: "These cul-de-canard feathers have always been as expensive as gold, but the value of this material on a fly cannot be paid by money"

Leon Links (author of Tying flies with CDC- The miracle feather) wrote about that CDC: "I prefer these CDC's over all CDC material I was able to buy. The Croupions are perfect for small hackled flies and also for F Fly like patterns. The croupions stems are thin and the feathers have an extremely dense structure which produces perfectly floating flies."

Limited availablity. Sold worldwide, no additional parcel fee.

Louis Veya

Louis Veya with orginal "Canard du Jura"- the duck from where the first CDC were collected

Canard du Jura

Original "Canard du Jura"- male left, female right
(Swissflies- duck breeding, Laupen, Switzerland)

Original high quality Swiss CDC feathers- "croupions de canard".


Swiss Jura Dun CDC

CDC feathers, cul-de-canard natural blue dun/grey
(Swiss Dublin RAW CDC)

Swiss Dublin RAW CDC

Fine cul-de-canard feathers grey- blue dun.

Collection material- just as you get it from the duck. Due to the small feather stem, these CDC are best for all kinds of CDC, but especially for making even fine and very fine small CDC down to size 24 or below. Feather size small to medium. May contain single feathers in white or tigered.

Very limited amounts available, packed by 100 pc

Anzahl/ quantité/ amount

Swiss CDC Khaki  Campbell

Swiss CDC feathers, cul-de-canard natural beige, Jura mountains, Switzerland
(Swiss Dublin khaki Campbell CDC)

Swiss Dublin Khaki Campbell CDC

CDC feathers from Campbell- Ducks. Untreated, in the colors nature was giving: these cul-de-canard feathers vary from a fine cream to a beige- brown.

Best for imitating all light CDC flies like Cahill, CDC Cream Sedge and many other patterns.

Very limited amounts available.

Orders are processed in order of receipt

Menge/ quantité/ amount

For collectors only: very rare, last stock from the old feather types - Original historic Swiss CDC feathers- the real "croupions de canard".


Swiss Jura Dun CDC

CDC feathers Jura "le Duvet" natural Dun color

Swiss Jura Dun CDC-"le Duvet" Ioset

The original CDC feathers from Alice Ioset-she called them "le Duvet".

Natural Dun color, best for imitating the wings of subimagos of mayflies with darker wings like BWO and many other .

Very limited amounts, available only for collectors

You can still find the original Jura CDC on the original old flies of Veya, Ioset, Bise and Dublin.

Swiss CDC feathers Jura CDC natural cul-de-canard
The original historic Swiss CDC
(Swiss wild duck CDC )

Swiss wild duck CDC

The first used CDC feathers worldwide. From the same Swiss source which the inventors CDC Bickel, Joset and Veya used to make their famous flies.

Natural color of the CDC feathers is grey- khaki, best for imitating all subimagos of mayflies, especially Baetis spp. and many other .

Very limited amounts available on demand

You can still find the original Jura CDC on the original old flies of Veya, Ioset, Bise and Dublin.

Swiss CDC Khaki  Campbell

CDC feathers Jura "Dublin Dun" natural light brown- grey Dun color

Swiss Dublin Jura Dun CDC

Very fine CDC feathers, best choice of the Swiss CDC expert Urs Dublin .

Natural light Dun color, best for fine CDC flies. Tie size 22 CDC with ease! Because of the ultrafine stem, you get hundreds of feathers. 0.5g contain more feathers than any 1g bag!

You can still find the original Jura CDC on the original old flies of Urs Dublin Dublin.


Find here more natural color CDC feathers-

Swiss Prime Quality CDC feathers - Tying sucessful flies with CDC-



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