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The Alpine fly collection contains all you need and is successful for fishing alpine creeks and alpine lakes.

In our Swiss fly sets you'll find the most successful flies packed in a useful high quality box.

Alpine flies- Swissflies Neck flybox alpine flies collection

Dry flies

Nymphs, emergers, wet flies and streamers- Swissflies Neck flybox alpine flies collection

Nymphs, emergers, wet flies, streamers

Swissflies Alpine fly collection- in the Double side Fly Box

Fly collection for all mountain lakes,rivers and creeks in the two sides clear lid fly box.

A total of 73 alpine Swiss flies, like Wulff Flies, black sedges, ants, and the sucessful alpine nymphs, wet flies and streamers in the Double side Fly Box - representing a value of more than Fr. 200.- for only Fr. 148.-!

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SFr. 148.00/pcs

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