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Buendner Nymphen

"Buendner Nymphen" typical nymphs from the Swiss alpine Canton Grisons - made as described in the original pattern books - are the most effective nymphs for fine trout and grayling subsurface fishing. Not only in the Grisons mountain creeks- but everywhere where you find difficult fish. Their success is due to their "Chrälleli"- fine and light brass clasps as they were made long ago. Only Swissflies can offer you these original "Buendner Nymphen".



Original Hebeisen Katalog Nr. 4, 1979

"Buendner Nymphen" - barbless- price for a short reintroduction period = the same as in 1979
+ 1 SFr. for the future: Switzerland without Pesticides

SFr. 2.95/pcs

Typ/ Type


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