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Swiss CDC Flies

Cul-de-canard (CDC) flies- Quality and Swiss Innovation

CDC is today used for fine flies world wide. But the sources are in Switzerland, in the region of the Jura mountains, where the famous chalk streams as the Doubs or the Orbe with their cunning fish flow.
The Swiss flytiers Joset, Veya and Bickel began using making Swiss CDC flies 100 years ago, making simple but very effective flies. On this page you find remakes, as good as the originals, and new patterns with the same Swiss quality tied with finest cul de canard feathers Swiss CDC on fine barbless hooks.

CDC fly "Moustique du Jura"
classic Swiss fly for trout and grayling

Moustiques du Jura

Classic CDC with silk body- catches fish since many years- made with original natural undyed Swiss CDC -in yellow, red, beige on barbless Swiss Hooks Size 16.

Farbe / couleur / color

Moustique du Jura, rayée

CDC with fine ribbed silk body- catches fish since many years- made with original Swiss CDC on Swiss Hooks.

Brown and olive patterns imitate all the smaller mayfly species (Baetis spp.) very good, and the grey ribbed white is perfect for the late autumn grayling.

In brown, grey and olive, all patterns ribbed

Size 16

Farbe / couleur / color

La Loue

La Loue CDC

La Loue is since longtimes known as the best fly for difficult grayling- the pattern in CDC fulfills what big grayling are dreaming of

Tied with Original SWISSCDC in Farbe 30 Light pink

Grösse/ hameçon/ size

Moustique de Mars

Moustique Blue Dun

Blue Dun CDC with body of Uni Yarn olive, ribbed yellow, Swiss CDC Blue dun naturel

Size 16

SFr. 3.50/pcs

Moustique de Mars

Moustique de Mars

March Brown CDC with body of Uni Yarn brown, ribbed yellow, Swiss CDC brown naturel

Size 16

SFr. 2.80/pcs

Quill moustique

CDC fly Swiss Quill CDC

Swiss Quill CDC

Quill body CDC- the best choice for very difficult fish in autumn and the best for winter grayling fishing

Grösse / hameçon / size

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