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Swiss hackle flies

These hackle flies are the most successful Swiss flies since many years. High quality hackles (Swiss or Whiting/Hoffmann/ Metz). Developed or adapted by Swiss Flyfishermen, they do not only catch fish in our alpine waters- try them in your water too!


Emmebäse- classic Swiss trout fly


Emmebäse, authentic remakes of the original, in different colors

Aemmebäse/ Emmebäse

Famous hackle fly of the Emmental (Kneubühler, Burgdorf)

This fly seems to be simple- made just with one thread and one hackle- but it is since nearly 100 years the most effective fly in the famous Emmental. Developed was the fly by the local farmers, who fished it with the long rod and horsehair leaders, later on gut. Hans Kneubühler was the first to make this fly in high numbers about 1920. The fly was always handmade, with simple therads and hackles of local cock breeds, to save time and money. Thousands of trout were caught by this fly in Emme und Ilfis Rivers- why not trying it in your own river?

The Emmebäse is handmade like 100 years ago- without vise, just holding hackle, thread and hook in the hands.

Fly tying video: Heinz Kneubühler ties the "Emmebäse"

Original color is pink, but try also yellow, grey, beige, greenolive.

Emmebäse, authentic remake of the original, barbless

SFr. 2.91/pcs

Farbe/ couleur/ color- Grösse/ hameçon/ size




The Giorgina is probably the best-known fly in the Engadin, Switzerland.

It catches both grayling and trout just as well, all season long.

Remake of the famous Andy Esslinger fly, tied on high quality barbless hook size 16

SFr. 3.20/pcs




One of the most beautiful flies of all - and very successful. But also very elaborate to tie (double wing, rafia body). Charles Ritz: the Panama has always provided a surprise...

Tied on high quality curved barbless hook size 12

SFr. 3.50/pcs

Mouche F

Mouche F- Swiss high quality hackle fly

Mouche "F"

Fishing very successful the channels in the Valais valley- but also great in any other creek and especially in mountain lakes.

Swissmade masterpiece, Whiting hackles and tail Coq de Leon. Fine high quality hook.

SFr. 2.65/pcs

Grösse/ hameçon/ size


Hackle March brown

Swiss Hackle March Brown

The Swiss Hackle Marchbrown is floating very high, due to it's double hackle grizzly/ brown. Known to catch many fish in the fast water of the prealpine rivers and creeks.

Grösse/ hameçon/ size 14

SFr. 3.30/pcs


Universal- Swiss trout fly by J. Rindlisbacher (1970)


This fly is a real Swiss bestseller, since many years- first described by Jules Rindlisbacher in his famous book "Praktisches Fliegenfischen" (1970). Can be used everywhere anytime- a successful classic pattern.

SFr. 3.50/pcs

Grösse/ hameçon/ size

Schweizer Hahn / Coq suisse/ Swiss Cock- his name is "Güggeler"


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