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Nodari flies

Emanuele Nodari is one of the best Swiss fly tiers today. As a professional tyer, he works for several Swiss fishing shops (and also for Swissflies). He prefers to stay in the background- but there are some patterns you should see...

Nodari Stone fly

Nodari Stone fly

Beautiful stone fly pattern, weighted

Momentan ausverkauft/ Pas en stock/ Sold out

Olive Sedge Pupa

Nodari Olive Sedge Pupa

Weighted pupa of the olive sedge Hydropsyche- most abundant species in the Swiss Jura rivers.

Momentan ausverkauft/ Pas en stock/ Sold out

Swiss Red Hook Nodari

Rhine Dream

Big light red/ rose nymph.

This nymph is the secret weapon in all these waters of today, which are overfished with the nowadays common bead head nymphs.

Grösse/ hameçon/ size 8

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