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Swiss special nymphs

These nymphs are classic Swiss nymphs, invented or adapted from keen Swiss fishermen to catch the trout and grayling in Swiss rivers. They did so for many years- and they do continue to have success.

Red Hook- classic Swiss grayling nymph

Red Hook

These nymphs are classic Swiss grayling nymphs, successful in wintertime in the bigger rivers like Aare, Linthkanal, Rhône, Ticino, Rhine.

Grösse/ hameçon/ size

Berner Nymphe- famous Swiss trout and grayling nymph

Bernese Nymphs, in yellow, olive, grey

Classic Swiss nymphs- The "Berner Nymphe" was for many years the only nymph in the box of many fishermen- that nymph was used with big success to catch trout and grayling.

This nymph is the secret weapon in all these waters of today, which are overfished with the nowadays common bead head nymphs.

SFr. 2.70/pcs

Grösse/ hameçon/ size

Bernese Nymphs, special patterns

Berner S1: Thick olive wool body- nymph for fat trout as fat as the nymph
(and far the best in nortern europe- Lapland)


Berner S2: Olive ribbed yellow- the best pattern for mai/june fishing and also at the beginning of the grayling season

SFr. 2.80/pcs

Grösse/ hameçon/ size

Try also the Goldkopfnymphen (goldhead) Swiss nymphs





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