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Heavy tungsten nymphs

Heavy nymphs are sometimes the only way to get in touch with a fish. It's enough to have a few to prevent a zero day.

Swiss Caddis nymph - different rivers- different caddis

Swiss Caddis Nymph


imitates perfectly the caddis nymph

Standard: fits for most waters- for any special color or disco- tungsten heads: Choose "Spezial" then mail to

Grösse/ hameçon/ size

Peter's Goldnugget

Peter's Goldnugget

The golden caddis nymph is the nymph that got me most of my big trout, even in troubled water

SFr. 2.40/pcs

Grösse/ hameçon/ size

Schweizer Ledernymphe- nymphe suisse à cuir- Swiss Leather nymph

Swiss leather nymph

Swiss leather nymph

Color changes to a nice yellow when wet. Takes the big trout in the deep holes. Size 10.

Original swiss made nymph BELINI (Soleure)

SFr. 2.80/pcs

Snowshoe Rabbit

Swiss Snowshoe Rabbit

the dubbing adheres some air drops while sinking- this counts for many attacks of nice fish!

SFr. 2.40/pcs

momentan ausverkauft/ sold out





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