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The leader is the key element of casting and success in flyfishing. Length, flexibility,taper and diameter in the point have all to be adpated to the river, your rod, your fly line and the fly size.

Maxima Chamaeleon butt to Ultragreen tippet

Maxima Chamaeleon butt to ultragreen tippet Leader

By combining a Maxima Chamaeleon premium monofilament butt with a Supersoft Ultragreen tippet, these knotless tapered leaders offer a matte finish that absorbs light rays instead of reflecting them. The controlled stiffness Chameleon butt allows for superior casting, while the soft green tippet presents your fly naturally. Leaders are extremely abrasion-resistant with outstanding knot strength.
Available in 7.5 ft, 9 ft or 12ft

Vorfach / Bas de ligne / Leader 7.5ft
Vorfach / Bas de ligne / Leader 9ft
Vorfach / Bas de ligne / Leader
Maxima Chamaeleon butt to Ultragreen tippet

Ultragreen tippet

Maxima Ultragreen - the softest nylon worldwide; the bigger spools of 7.5cm prevent your leader to be twisted when unreeling from the spool

Reels 25m

Durchmesser/ diametre



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